Spread at Apthorp Gallery at Arts Depot April 2007 The Kitchen Antics and Appliances artists presented a context and site based live installation at the Apthorp gallery. This work grew out of an ongoing investiagation into the 'under belly of the domestic environment', which began during their time at The Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA). Spread included a feast of collected thoughts, happenings, questions, menus and objects. Through a public exploration with audiences, KA&A's constructed the ritualised setting of a ‘tea party’, in which visitors to the gallery became participants in a process based ongoing open table; developed through the building of relationships, ritualised communal actions and repeated tasks. The audience or viewers were invited to join the table and become participants within the frame of ‘table as stage’. When the artists were absent from the space, the audience were invited to sit for a while and contemplate questions raised by the work. This gallery became an unfolding performance space, which included conversations around the tea table of discordant china which wended its way through the gallery. Actions included an ongoing marathon of French Knitting - during Blood and Guts the artists knitted for the souls of the guillotine as they knitted the entrails of life, spilling over the floor - to thank, knit in grief and celebration, knit to still the mind. A Menu of thoughts, invited the participants word to take part in a menu of conversations about ideas and notions of home, around the tea table. During Labelling for Life the artists continued their investigation into questions and instructions surrounding the home coming up with their own brand of labelling and instructions for life. Visitors were invited to choose a label, facing their fear of labelling or the possibility of changing their label. Trolley Tactics took place during Depot Untapped, in which the artists invited the audience to become active participants and performers in chorographed and intuitive dance sequences with tea trolleys.

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