Gone are the days of chatting over the tea trolley, of nattering in the corner shop, we now pay a counsellor to talk through our problems rather than burden or confide in family and friends, our social networking is often done via mobile phone, or social networking sites.

The artist is not ashamed to say that she has a wistful yearning, for a sense of community, good neighbourliness and moments of social interaction over the garden fence. The Office for the Dissemination of Sympathy was developed to celebrate the importance of passing the day with someone, providing that long awaited cup of tea, just listening and offering that much needed sympathy.

The organisations mission is to:
Support the need for a greater balance in life
Slow down the pace
Reach out!
Shine a light on the need for those special moments

The Office for the Dissemination of Sympathy is a mobile office, providing sympathy to those who are in need of it. The representative for the ODS is happy to visit you and provide that much needed sympathy, in order that you can get off the merry go round of life and celebrate your achievements feel cared for and let someone celebrate and listen to your achievements and misfortunes. Your representative for the Oxfordshire area is Ann Rapstoff

All sympathy is free and delivered by the representative of the company, who comes with many years experience and understanding of this work. ODS hopes to dispatch its special brand of sympathy in your area.

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