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Questionnaire - what does the word home mean to you ?

  • It means the place where I feel comfortable and where I can be surrounded by the people I love and who love me. The place where I can be myself and where I can surround myself with objects and pictures which conjure happy memories.
  • A place that is mine and that i choose who to invite in, a place where i can close the door and live life according to my own values - without compromise. a place that is warm, full of strange and beautiful things, conversation, music and food.i also call home the country where i was born and grew up
  • A place that is inscribed with the memories of shared events, places where blood, gravy and tea has been spilt; where knees have been grazed and soothed, where toast has been burnt and where dogs have slept. A place i can go home to, to feel safe, even if the world isn't safe. A journey back to somewhere that is always there.
  • A place which is safe. A place which houses my possessions. A place which has been loved. A place of relaxation. A place which i am proud of. A place which changes.
  • Where a person normally lives
  • The place I can be myself, because it's safe
  • Sanctuary on one hand, but work on the other (I work from home)
  • Safety, comfort
  • Pecking order
  • A place to keep all my special things and retreat to
  • world of self as opposed to world politics
  • eat sleep wash dress play and clutter without any strangers
  • I can do anything I like tell off my family which I am not able to do in public
  • A refuge from the world outside, security
  • A place to be myself with the people I want around me


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